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Floral Boost Hydro/Coco: 5L
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Hydrotops Floral Boost for coco/hydroponics is a formula which enhances the levels of four key minerals essential to profuse flower production later in a plant's life cycle, as with all Hydrotops products.

Hydrotops Floral Boost promotes extreme nutrient assimilation, meaning your plants will take up every last drop of nutrition available and also contains no PGRs (plant growth hormone) to gain extra flowering weight, just quality raw bio-mineral ingredients.

  • Boosts flower formation in the early to mid-flowering cycle
  • Increases the available levels of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and ammoniacal nitrogen
  • Promotes maximum nutrient assimilation in the root zone
  • Combines perfectly with all other Hydrotops flowering products
  • Use with Top Heavy Crop and Triple F for enormous flower growth and astonishing yields
  • Contains no PGRs, only quality, raw bio-minerals
  • It comes in three sizes

How Hydrotops Floral Boost Works

During the fourth to sixth week of flowering, your plants' nutritional uptake continues to rise rapidly and changes drastically before reaching its climax. During this time frame, the need for easily accessible, high-quality phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and ammoniacal nitrogen increases so that they get depleted quickly. Hydrotops created Floral Boost for this explosion in demand at this crucial time in a plant's flowering cycle. Like all Hydrotops products, the Hydrotops Floral Boost increases the assimilation of these key ingredients.

Unlike many flowering boosters on the market, Hydrotops Floral Boost contains no PGRs, concentrating instead on only using high-grade, raw, plant-useable ingredients. Combine Floral Boost with Top Heavy Crop and Triple F for extreme flower production and increased essential oils to get results that will impress even the most seasoned growing professional.

How to use Hydrotops Floral Boost

Use Hydrotops Floral Boost at a rate of 0.5-2ml per litre during flowering week three until week 6

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