Hydrotops Hydro Bloom A&B Hard Water

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Size: 5L
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Hydrotops Bloom is a two-part coco hydroponic liquid designed for the flowering stage of the grow cycle. The balanced nutrient encourages large-scale flower or fruit development and aids essential oil production.

When combined with Hydrotops Triple F, Top Heavy Crop, and/or Floral Boost; Hydrotops Bloom helps to provide the foundation for maximum nutrient uptake at this critical stage, helping give your plants the fuel they need to flourish.

  • A two-part formula specifically made for hydroponic mediums which promote maximum nutrient absorption in the root zone.
  • It helps plants develop fruit/flower sets and aids essential oil production.
  • Use Hydrotops Floral Boost, Triple F and/or Top Heavy Crop to increase flower quality and size.

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