IWS 400L Flexi Tank Pro



Compact and discreet - the IWS Flexi tank can fit into spaces normal solid water butts can't. 

It can be assembled in moments and doesn't require tools to set up. Because of its composition, it can be stored in minimal spaces and qualifies for reduced shipping costs when compared to solid water butts. The flexi tank features sturdy support poles and reinforced stitching. 

All pro systems include the new 25mm pro pipe and fittings which are all moulded. This makes them much stronger and ensures that there no leaks. They also come with larger pumps in the brain, all this means that you are able to not only flood your system but drain it much quicker, this helps maintain lower temperatures in your water as they flow much quicker down that black pipes that just absorb the heat from the lamps in your grow room.

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