Jiffy PRO7 60/40 Clay Coco Mix - 45L Bag

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PRO7 60/40 CLAY COCO is a great growing medium. A mix of 40% pre-washed and buffered professional quality coco coir and 60% European expanded clay pebbles (8 – 16mm). Ready to use and Ideal for flood and drain and drip Irrigation systems, in passive hydroponics, or as hand-watered growing media in potting. The mix of clay pebbles and coco-coir fibre gives excellent aeration and allows sufficient water retention with great drainage and no fear of waterlogging. Promotes rapid and strong root development and thus healthier, more vigorous plants. Encourages naturally-occurring  trichoderma which colonise the rootzone, aid root development, assist nutrient and water uptake, and provide defence against pathogens.  

Key selling points:  
  • Clay pebble and coco-coir mix giving ideal aeration, water retention and drainage 
  • Promotes rapid, strong rooting for healthy, vigorous plant development 
  • Ideal environment for naturally occurring trichoderma 
  • Suitable for use in flood and drain, drip irrigation, passive hydroponics, or as hand-watered growing media in pots 
Technical Specifications:   
  • 60% expanded clay pebbles (8 – 16mm) 
  • 40% coco coir, pre-washed and buffered 
  • EC: 1.3 mS/cm 25°C (1:1.5) 
  • PH: 6.9 ± 0.5 
  • Dry matter: 61% 
  • Organic matter: 14% 

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