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Killermite is formulated to control leaf miners, western flower thrips and two-spotted spider mites. It tackles infestations quickly, effectively to help reduce stress and minimise any damage caused to your plants.

  • Highly concentrated product for dilution
  • It comes with a full pesticide approval license
  • Destroys thrips, leaf miners and spider mites
  • Fast-acting

Time is of the essence once you’ve spotted the symptoms of an infestation. You need to treat the problem immediately to reduce the damage to your crop. Killermite uses a compound called abamectin that is deadly to insects but with relatively low toxicity for mammals, and it quickly eradicates the problem.

Directions for Use:

Killermite should be diluted with water and sprayed over both sides of the leaves of your plants. Always do this when the lights are off to avoid causing an electrical hazard.

The time to use Killermite depends on what you are trying to eliminate:

For Western Flower Thrips, apply at the first sign of nymphs. Make 2 or 3 applications, leaving a week between treatments. Mix at a rate of 0.5ml per litre of water.

For Leaf Miners, apply at the first sign of leaf miner crop damage. Leave a week between each application, and dilute at a rate of 0.5ml per litre of water.

For Two-Spotted Spider Mites, apply immediately after spotting mites or leaf damage. Use Killermite on its own for the first week. If the problem persists, use it in combination with another product with a different mode of action. Dilute at a rate of 0.25ml per litre of water

Due to its potency and systemic action, it is not recommended to use Killermite when flowering – especially if you are growing anything that is consumable.

Contains abamectin 1.84%

(MAPP 16453) Killermite is for professional use only.

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