LUMii X 680w LED V6

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Elevate your indoor gardening experience with the LUMii x LED V6 Horticultural Grow Foldable 6 Bar Light – the ultimate choice for discerning growers seeking superior results and unparalleled control. Unlock the full potential of your harvest and embark on a journey towards bountiful yields and flourishing crops.

This powerhouse uses full-spectrum lighting to mimic natural sunlight, providing your plants with the optimal blend of wavelengths crucial for robust growth at every stage. Say goodbye to uneven growth patterns with its superior, even light distribution, ensuring every inch of your garden receives the nourishment it deserves.

Take complete control of your cultivation environment with the onboard 0-100% dimming capabilities & compatibility with external 0-10V protocol controllability via RJ ports. Tailor the intensity to meet the unique needs of your plants throughout their growth cycle, all at your fingertips.

Efficiency meets versatility with daisy chain linking, allowing you to effortlessly connect multiple units for expanded coverage without compromising performance. Say goodbye to cumbersome installations with the quick mount driver, designed for hassle-free setup and convenience.

Experience seamless integration with Bluetooth Mesh compatibility, offering enhanced control and monitoring capabilities from your smartphone or tablet. Monitor performance metrics and adjust settings easily, ensuring optimal conditions for your plants’ thriving growth.

Technical Specification 

Light Source & Output  Full Spectrum, 1870 µmol/s
Efficacy 2.75  µmol/J
Max input power to driver 680 watt
AC Input Voltage 200 - 264 V, 50/60 Hz
Driver output Voltage to Fixture 36 - 56 V DE
Driver output Current to Fixture 6.7 - 15.0 A
Life expectancy L90>50k hr
IP rating IP65
Weight (fixture only) 7.8KG
Overall dimensions in use (inc driver) 108 * 10 * 10 (cm)

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