MaxiBright 315w Daylight CMH 4K Lamp



Key Features:

  • Prevents stretching & encourages much higher quality growth
  • More natural formation of branch inter-nodes for increased plant mass
  • Ideal as both supplementary & stand alone lighting
  • Plants produce more essential oils, terpenes/ flavonoids, to enhance the flavour, aroma/ size
  • Daylight lamp - Great for the vegetative stage
  • Agro lamp - Incredible for the flowering stage

Maxibright 315W Agro 4K Lamp

Agro Features

  • Full, red weighted spectrum: 95 CRI
  • 550 rnol/s (between 400nm and 700nm)
  • Efficiency of 1.75 rnol/s S-1 W-1


  • 23% more blue (450-495nm)
  • 14% more red (620-750nm)
  • Compared to leading 4K brand

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