Maxipot Twist And Lock 15L Pot And Saucer

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A revolutionary new patented plant pot and tray incorporates an adjustable drainage system that allows water to drain and air to circulate, promoting healthy, more productive plants.

Twist pot allows excellent drainage and air circulation to your roots, meaning they can flourish and thrive, as they will not experience problems like root rot and the build-up of bad bacteria caused by compost remaining.

With the Twist pot product, you just lift and twist the pot clear of the base until it locates on the stand designed into the tray; then, if you overwater by mistake, you don't have to worry, meaning you can relax safe in the knowledge that your plants are going to be just fine and remain nice, healthy and problem free.

Most people worldwide use multipurpose compost and understand that it can become saturated again once it has dried out. The most preferred method is to leave your pot in a bucket of water overnight, which means messing your plants around and potentially damaging them. With Twistpot, you just flood the tray, drop your pot in, and then allow the water to be absorbed. Once absorbed, you lift and twist the pot and drain away any excess. It's that easy! It makes watering easier and more efficient as the tray catches runoff, which can be reabsorbed.

Pot size is ideal for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and other greenhouse crops, especially as it can help prevent neck rot in cucumbers and blossom end rot or split fruit in tomatoes. All are caused by irregular watering and or compost drying out.
It helps prevent stress in plants caused by either irregular watering or overwatering.
Evaporation from the tray on hot days helps prevent leaf scorch like a gravel tray would. Maintains humidity in greenhouses with the trays being flooded.
Reduces the risk of splash damage to foliage when 'damping down' greenhouses on hot days.

When flooded, the tray can water a plant for several days during hot weather as the moisture is drawn upwards. When flooded, the tray can be used as a barrier for pests, as most crawling pests cannot swim (slugs, snails, vine weevils, etc.)

Maxipot Twistpot Saucer is 13"

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