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Grotek's Classic Bloom Enhancer

Monster Bloom is packed with the essential nutrients that all plants crave; this formula gives plants a powerful punch, moving from floral buds to developing the largest fruits and flowers possible. Begin application when buds start to form and continue to use with every nutrient application during the bloom cycle but discontinue use 1-2 weeks before harvest of crops. If any other PK products are used, it is recommended these are discontinued, as using both Monster Bloom and any other PK product may cause a nutrient burn.

How Grotek Monster Bloom Works:

Monster Bloom provides a specific nutrient ratio that impacts plant growth by accelerating protein, activating enzyme activity and starch synthesis; it also increases strength in the stalks and stems. Monster Bloom also helps regulate respiration, which will help to increase CO2 uptake. Flower quality improves by adding Magnesium through the rapid metabolism of carbohydrates to drive plant function. Sulphur forms essential enzymes and assists in the formation of plant proteins and some vitamins. It is vital to add essential oils and flavour; the formula in Monster Bloom also contains added vitamins to help plants through periods of rapid growth.


  • Helps ripen crops
  • Improves yields
  • Increases quality
  • Enlarges flower clusters
  • Activating enzyme activity
  • Accelerating protein and starch synthesis
  • Increasing stalk and stem strength
  • Boosting the movement of sugars and starches within the plant
  • Regulating respiration and assisting CO2 uptake

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