Moonshine Sunshine Foliar

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Moonshine RTU Foliar: 1L RTU Spray
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Moonshine Sunshine Foliar

Moonshine® is a brewed plant bio-stimulant designed to promote health, impressive plant growth and terpene production in various ways.

The first effect of this nutrient is that it increases the cation-exchange capacity of your chosen growing medium, increasing the amount of cations available to the plant at any given P.H. The fertility of the growing medium increases, trace elements and allowing nutrients to be easily absorbed through the roots.

The second effect is to give the plant a good source of amino acids and plant growth stimulators. The growth stimulators include naturally occurring levels of gibberellin, auxin and Cytokinin plant hormones, which the plant uses for cell division in roots and shoots to regulate plant growth, essential oil production and bud growth.

Finally, the unique formulation promotes the transport of sugars through the plant to the places they are needed, giving a noticeable increase in taste and smell.

Using Moonshine® as directed in the feeding program, you will notice your plants have better roots with improved stamina and growth, giving you healthier, sturdier and more disease-resistant plants.

Moonshine® provides plants with greater drought and cold damage resistance, is 100% biodegradable and contains no carcinogens or PGRs.

Moonshine® is pH stable, will not alter your E.C. and can be used with any manufacturer’s nutrient program.

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