Nano.10⁻⁹ Finisher⁺

Size: 250ml


Nano.10-9 finisher + brings together three individual products into one powerful ripening, finishing and flushing product. nano.10-9 delivers nutrients differently, combining several elements together, which until now, has never been possible with traditional nutrients.

The nanoparticle micronutrients and stimulators in finisher + push your plants to their peak potential which ‘ripens’ your plants. The ingredient ratios mimic those that occur in natural environments. This forces the plant to express any genetic colouring it possesses to ‘finish’ your plant.

The final elements a plant needs are in nanoparticle form with finisher +, we removed the excess salts and replaced them with nanoparticles, meaning the plant can uptake what they need quickly, which improves taste and ‘flushes’ the plant media of any remaining nutrients. nano.10-9 finisher + is the cherry on top of the cake for your nutrient regime. Replace three bottles with this one

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