Nano.10⁻⁹ Hydro Base⁺

Size: 5L


Roots provide several significant benefits to your plants. Stability, a pathway for oxygen intake, providing a food source for beneficial microorganisms and nutrient/water uptake. Ensuring the best environment for your roots to flourish is therefore essential to growing the best plants possible.

nano.10⁻⁹ root⁺ supplies various nutritional elements and bio-stimulants beneficial for growth. The bio-stimulants, seaweed and micro-algae, provide numerous root enhancing benefits, such as over one hundred macro, micro and trace elements. When cold-pressed, seaweed also contain plant hormones (phytohormones) that the plant needs to regulate all of its internal processes. These hormones are in root⁺, so your plants don't have to spend energy producing them, leading to a plant with more power for other critical plant processes.

The final part of our root⁺ is the addition of Nano iron and Nano silica. Nano iron gives your plants the ability to produce extra chlorophyll (making the plant leaves green). Extra chlorophyll leads to the efficient capture of light, increasing overall plant energy.

Our Nano silica is the most revolutionary feature within root⁺. Traditional nutrients have to deliver silica through a separate additive because of stability and interaction problems. At the nanoscale, silica is suspended and doesn't react or interfere with other elements. For this reason, our nano.10⁻⁹ root⁺ truly redefines what you can achieve in plant nutrition, and you'll also get the benefits of two bottles in one.


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