X-Stream Neoprine Clone Collar

Size: 50mm


Neoprene plug for fixing cuttings in aeroponic systems. Allows to keep cuttings in mesh pots of proparators. Made of durable flexible material, neoprene is a type of synthetic rubber.

Neoprene is environmentally friendly, resistant to temperature extremes, durable, resistant to mechanical damage, colonization by fungi and bacteria. There is a slot in the cork that allows you to install and remove the plant stalk without risk of damage. The rooting of cuttings obtained from plant stems is one of the most common methods of obtaining planting material. This method allows to obtain seedlings of excellent quality without special financial costs. The material for grafting is quite accessible and often abundant in the grover. Cuttings reach the vegetative phase faster than plants grown from seeds.

All cuttings obtained from one plant are genetically identical. You can easily propagate the best plant and get clones with well-known excellent properties: taste, aroma, appearance and productivity.

Available in: 50mm. 80mm

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