Neutra Breeze Fan



For use with Sureair Neutralising Gels -

  • Fan fits directly on top of the 1 litre gel jars and the 5 litre gel buckets.
  • Dramatically improves the performance of odour neutralising gels.
  • Power adaptor included.
  • Disperses the neutraliser a full 360 round your environment.


It really is as simple as it seems: unpack the fan unit, connect it to the supplied power adaptor and plug into the mains.

The Neutra Breeze sits directly on top of both the 1 litre gel jars and the 5 litre buckets.

The On/Off switch is located on the side on the fan.

Fan Specification

Weight: 1Kg
Air Output: 1.8m3 per minute (57 cubicfeet per minute)
Type: Ball bearing centrifugal HD Fan.
Speed: 1800rpm.
Compliance: CE / TUV DC Axial Fan / RoHS

Power Supply Specification

Input: 100 > 240v, 50/60Hz, 0.3A
Output: 12v, 0.6A
Compliance: CE / TUV / EN 60065 / BS EN 50065 / RoHS

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