Odour Neutraliser Spray 750ml

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Scent: Cherry Burst
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The monster sized aerosol eliminates bad odours by covering them in a lovely scent. One quick spray covers large areas meaning great value for money.

  • Powerful and Effective Spray
  • Large Area Coverage with Just One Spray
  • Monster Sized 750 ml Canister
  • Specially Designed Nozzle
  • 4 different scents

Easy application – simply spray for application, allowing odours to be instantly covered.
Powerful and effective – a small spray covers a large area.
Monster Sized 750ml Canister – allowing good value for money and long lasting control.

Science Behind the Product
A powerful air freshener which destroys bad odour by covering it with a great smelling scent. It's incredibly effective, only a small spray covers a large space and the smell stays present for a long time.

How to use
Remove plastic top cap, position the nozzle into the centre of your room. Using your finger apply pressure to the nozzle.

1 x 750 ml Canister

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