Omega Infinity 300W 2.7 Pro LED

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An effective and efficient growing LED with an incredible 2.7 μmols/j. It's a great addition to growing setups. 

Streamlined & Lightweight 

Featuring a sleek design and a remarkably lightweight construction, the Omega Infinity is a breeze to handle. Weighing in at just 5.3kg, it's a cinch to install precisely where you need it within your grow room, ensuring a stress-free setup.

Emphasising Control 

With its full dimming capabilities, the Omega Infinity puts you in the driver's seat. Its 4-level control system allows you to adjust the brightness of each LED strip, giving you the power to fine-tune light production in your grow space and optimize your plant's growth conditions.

Optimal Light Distribution

With an impressive efficacy of 2.7 μmols/J, the Omega Infinity is a champion of efficient plant light distribution. Its PPF of 815 μmol/s promises remarkable results and substantial yields in fruiting and growth, giving you the confidence that your plants are getting the best possible light.

Easy Installation 

Installing the Omega Infinity 300W couldn't be simpler. This pre-built fixture requires connecting and hanging.

Key Features 

  • Brilliant 2.7 μmols/J
  • High-intensity 815 μmol/s PPF output
  • On all LED strips, there is clear glue protection cover technology
  • Cool operation and cost-effective 
  • 60,000 hours lifetime
  • UKCA, RoHS, and CE certified
  • Water-resistant to IP65 standard

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