ONA Liquid 1L

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Fragrance: Tropics
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This ONA is an odour neutraliser in liquid form, sprayed into the air or dispensed by natural evaporation, containing a formula of natural essential oils which will neutralise and eliminate all unwanted odours. These ingredients make a product safe for pets, people and plants.

The ONA molecules in the ONA liquid react with odorous molecules it may come into contact with, rendering them inert and null. As a result, the smell is removed from the air, leaving a fresh, pleasant scent.

Complete Versatility

Additionally, ONA Liquid can be used as a wash for smelly upholstery due to its water-based properties. Dilute the liquid to safely and effectively wash odour-saturated garments or upholstery. Whether you wash in fabric or spray in the air, the chemistry remains the same and offers guaranteed odour removal. ONA Liquid is safe to use in commercial areas or households.

Instructions for use:

ONA liquid is for general use; open the lid and place where odours are present, pour it into one of the ONA Spray bottles, or pour ONA Liquid into an ONA Misting Dome.

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