Orca Premium Liquid Mycorrhizae 475ml / 16oz

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Orca contains mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria which rapidly colonise the roots, significantly improving plant health and growth; it is the liquid version of Great White and has the same effect on roots and helps create excellent root structure and size.

Orca helps build a microbial system in and on the plants' roots which supports and aids nutrient and water uptake.

It can be used on seeds, cuttings, soil, coco, and hydroponic systems. 

Note - do not use any product containing hydrogen peroxide, as this will kill the good bacteria before they can colonise the roots.

How to use


1-2 drops directly on the seed.


Cubes can be soaked in Orca at 1-3 ml per 4 litres of water.


5 ml per 35 litres of water. 

Soil & Coco Hand Watering

1-4 ml per 4 litres of water.

  • Explosive root growth
  • Mycorrhizal fungi and beneficial bacteria
  • It helps nutrient and water uptake


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