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Designed for domestic use, place this ozone generator wherever odours permeate like dressing rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and rooms with pets. Best used within enclosed spaces. Perfect for disinfecting and eliminating any odours or harmful irritants. It can effectively eliminate odours. It can save on energy costs compared with larger purifier units, as it is able to operate on less than seven watts. This air purifier does not produce any chemical smells and do not require a filter. Plug in to use, easy to carry. Just turn the wheel to start and regulate the production of ozone. Easy to use and transport.


  • Model FA50
  • Voltage Rating 110VAC to 240VAC,
  • 50/60hz Power 7W
  • Size 104 x 95 x 83mm
  • Net Weight 170g
  • Ozone output 10-50mg/h
  • Ambient noise 26 dB SPL to 34 dB SPL
  • Recommended room size 30m_ maximum

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