Philips Greenpower 1000 watt 400v DE EL



Greenpower - The Lamp of Choice for Professional Horticulturalists

Please Note - when using with LUMii fixtures, we'd recommend doing so when setting up for the first time as LUMii Lamps bed in slightly differently with the fixture and may cause connection problems to occur.

Philips Greenpower lamps are the most trusted lamps in the industry - that's why they're used in huge commerical greenhouses all over the world.

Greenpower lamps run more intensely than pretty much any other lamp out there, while producing a wide band of red light that your plants will love during bloom.

Compatible with an array of lighting fixtures, including the Gavita, Dimlux, DLI and Omega Doesn't need to be replaced every grow - lasts for a full year Produces more light than traditional 1000w lamps Runs cooler than standard HPS Increased yields compared to standard HPS Delivers a broader spectrum of usable light Utilizes 400v technology on a 230 volt domestic mains supply Contains 1 x Philips GreenPower 1000 Watt EL DE How the 1000 Watt EL DE Lamp Works Used by the grow industry, professional 400 Volt HPS lamps have a number of key benefits which makes them superior to standard HPS lamps - even ones being run from top-quality digital ballasts. The output colour spectrum of this lamp 1000w Greenpower Spectral Distribution The black line in the graph above represents the "McCree Curve", which gives a relative indication of how efficiently a plant uses the different colours in the light spectrum to photosynthesise with. For more information about the above graph check out our blog A 400 Volt HPS lamp is much more efficient than a standard HPS lamp. Both systems consume 1000 Watts and therefore cost exactly the same to run but the Pro HPS lamps run at a higher voltage and a lower current. 400 Volt Pro HPS lamps produce more light for the same power consumption and will give at least 10% higher yield compared to even the best standard HPS systems. In fact, when they are seen side-by-side, the HPS Pro lamps are noticeably brighter, run cooler and the light they produce is slightly whiter. So in addition to them giving a higher yield, plants grown under a 400 Volt Pro HPS are healthier, happier and are at less risk of heat damage too. The way that the system works is that UK mains power (230 Volts) is fed directly to the combined ballast and reflector via a standard mains power lead. The special ballast then converts the mains electricity to drive the special double ended 400 Volt / 1000 Watt EL lamp. 400 Volt / 1000 Watt Pro HPS Philips Greenpower lamps maintain their efficiency and light output for much longer than standard HPS lamps. In fact, they will normally last at least a year before they need to be changed out. It should be noted that normal HPS lamps and 400 Volt Pro HPS lamps are NOT interchangeable with different ballasts. Standard HPS lamps should only be used with standard or digital 230 Volt ballasts. 400 Volt Pro HPS lamps should only be used in lighting systems with a 400 Volt Pro HPS ballast like with this Gavita product.

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