Philips Greenpower 1000 watt 400v DE EL

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Greenpower - The Lamp of Choice for Professional Horticulturalists

Please Note - when using with LUMii fixtures, we'd recommend doing so when setting up for the first time as LUMii Lamps bed in slightly differently with the fixture and may cause connection problems.

Philips Greenpower lamps are the most trusted lamps in the industry - that's why they're used in huge commercial greenhouses worldwide.

Greenpower lamps run more intensely than pretty much any other lamp out there while producing a wide band of red light that your plants will love during bloom.

Compatible with various lighting fixtures, including the Gavita, Dimlux, DLI, and Omega.

  • It does not need to be replaced every grow; it lasts a full year.
  • Produces more light than traditional 1000w lamps.
  • Runs cooler than standard HPS Increased yields compared to standard HPS
  • Delivers a broader spectrum of usable light Utilises 400v technology on a 230-volt domestic mains supply
  • Contains 1 x Philips GreenPower 1000 Watt EL DE


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