Plant Magic Evolution 2.0

Size: 500ml


Plant Magic Evolution 2.0 Foliar Spray
Every grower ought to have Evolution 2.0 on stand-by. It revives stressed plants, speeds-up vegetative growth and increases the growth of new shoots.
A complex blend of bio-stimulants, plant hormones, sugars, vitamins, trace elements, amino acids and humic and fulvic acids, Evolution 2.0 now features a super wetting agent which allows it to be sprayed under lights.
The bio-stimulants and plant hormones improve photosynthesis, the sugars fuel the growth, the trace elements and amino acids ensure growth is healthy and the humic and fulvic acids help deliver the ingredients directly into plant cells. The super wetting agent achieves rapid wetting, dispersion and improved penetration into the pores of the plant.
This superb tonic is excellent for preparing plants for cuttings because it prompts the plant to produce healthy shoots which can then be taken as cuttings. It also helps plants to recover from drought, pest attacks, over-watering, over-heating and low temperatures

Spray once a week until run off, through veg and up to the 2nd week of flower.
Evolution is also very effective at correcting early yellowing of leaves, simply spray the affected plant just before lights go out, recovery is normally visible with 2 or 3 days.
Can be sprayed with lights on or off, if spraying with lights on raise the lights to avoid burn.
Evolution is ready to use.  No dilution required

  • Improves photosynthesis
  • Sugars fuel growth
  • Trace elements and amino acids
  • Helps correct deficiencies
  • 100% organic ingredients

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