Plant Magic Hydro Grow A-B Hard Water

Hydro Grow: 1L


Plant Magic Hydro Grow HW is a premium 2-part mineral-based plant food containing everything a plant grown hydroponically needs for healthy, fast-growth during the vegetative stage - NPK, micro-nutrients, humates, calcium and magnesium.
Plant Magic's hydro feeds have received many rave reviews in magazines and over the internet and we are not surprised at all by this. We have found Plant Magic Hydro Grow to be possibly the best hydro nutrient available during the veg stage. This version is for use in hard water (HW) areas.

• Contains everything a plant grown in hydro needs during the vegetative stage
• Produces beautifully lush, healthy and fast-growing plants
• Contains humates for a healthy root-zone
• Specifically designed for use in hard water areas

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