PLANT!T Perlite

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What is the purpose of Plant!t Perlite?

Plant!t Perlite is an extremely useful growing medium, especially for plants grown within hydroponic reservoir systems. You can use it both as a propagation medium and to mix with soil in order to keep the medium light. Likewise, this ultimately improves nutrient absorption, water retention and aeration.

Furthermore, this is a completely natural and sterile growing medium; the use of volcanic rock helps growers to achieve far faster germination within their plants.

Who can use Plant!t Perlite?

Plant!t Perlite is specifically for use as a growing medium; you can mix it with soil to break up heavy soils. Simply mix it in with soil or coco at your preferred ratio. There are a couple of ways to use this magnificent growing medium, including as a soil conditioner to increase aeration and drainage in heavy soils. Alternatively, it can be used as a repairing aid for lawns when raked into spiked holes; it improves root development.

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