Plant Vitality Anabolic Roids 1L Concentrate

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Plant Vitality - Anabolic Plant Roids Concentrated

  • A Potent blend of legal performance enhancing steroids for plants
  • Through scientific breakthrough and nano state reactor power
  • PV Anabolic plant roids takes your crops to a whole new level of insane growth
  • Contains natural plant steroids and can be absorbed through foliage, flower and root which greatly multiply and enhance fruit and yield potential
  • Enhance plant anabolic and metabolic rate, crop and plant yield with heavier buds and flowers aided through larger rooting system

Additional Core Benefits:

  • Enhance cell production making plants more resistant to disease and pathogens, aid establishment of young plants including cuttings seeds or plugs. No plant is too young to get "Juiced"
  • Can help plants suffering from nutrient and growth deficiencies
  • Can be added to a tank mix of any NPK fertilizer spiking growth producing safe to consume harvests
  • PV Anabolic Plant Roids includes a natural concentration of plant hormones found in all plants

Recommended Use:

  • Use 5ml per Litre of water as a tank mix additive
  • Most effective as foliar spray on alternating days for 2-4 weeks or when stimulation is required, can be mixed with other foliar treatments at 5ml per litre

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