Plastic Plant Canes

Plastic Canes: 4ft


As plants mature there will be an increasing need for plant support. The PLANT!T 2ft Plant Support – Connectable allows growers not just to support their plants but also extend the support to required length. The plastic-coated steel allows for increased durability and strength.

Key USPs:

  • Connect together for longer support
  • Plastic - coated steel supports
  • Increased strength and durability

Feature and Benefit
Connectable plant supports – Growers can connect multiple plant supports, to create an extended support if required.
Plastic-coated steel supports – These supports are steel with a plastic coating for increased durability and strength.
Keeps plants upright and prevents them toppling over –Plants being kept upright and not toppling over means that they are in a healthier condition and the stems are not damaged – aiding better health and transportation of nutrients to the whole plant.

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