Quest 70 Overhead Dehumidifier

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Quest dehumidifiers are the most efficient and robust in there class. Designed in the USA specifically for Controlled indoor cultivation of plants, these machines are quiet, powerful and extremely energy efficient. When compared with any other dehumidifier, there is no competition, the water removal ratings on these units are rated for grow room conditions, this is a very important thing to take note of, when you read a water removal rating for any other dehumidifier, it will be rated at a temperature of 32 degrees and 80% relative humidity, however a machine which claims 50 litres of water removal at these conditions will only pull about 60% of that figure in grow room conditions.

We have tested these machines against the best of the competition and they are so unbelievably good we actually couldn't quite believe just how efficient they actually were, in a closed environment situation, the amount of dehumidification necessary is significant, and many people don't realise just how much moisture they will be needing to remove, it's a lot! and it can be difficult to figure out exactly how much dehumidification a given grow room will require, Basically in a sealed room with no extraction, every single litre of water your plants drink will be transpired through the leaves and back into the room, so if your garden is drinking 50 litres a day, you need to dehumidify 50 litres every day, but it can be hard to judge exactly how much a garden will drink until your in full flower, we have found that for every 1000 watts of light about 10 litres of dehumidification will allow you total control of relative humidity through all stages of growth.

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