RAM Box Fan

Size: 250mm - 2500m³/hr


The RAM BOX Fan is a high-power, high volume air mover. A low-noise, low-vibration centrifugal fan housed in a UK-made MDF casing with full acoustic insulation. Complete with power lead and ducting spigots. This fan should be installed by a competent electrician. 
Key points:  
  • Low noise, low vibration, high flow centrifugal fan 
  • UK-made MDF casing with acoustic insulation 
  • Complete with power lead and ducting spigots 
Technical Specifications:   
  • For Ø315mm (Ø12”) ducted systems 
  • Maximum flow: 3250m³/hr 
  • Mains: 220-240 V ~ 50 Hz Max: 4.1 A 
Q: Is this a plug-and-play fan that only needs to be connected to my ducting? 
A: No, we recommend that this Box fan is installed by a qualified electrician. 
Purchase this with RAM Aluduct Low Noise Ducting - 315mm x 10m 

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