Rush 40L 4 Pots



High-Performance Undercurrent Technology

RUSH DWC systems have got the whole hydroponics industry talking, and the chatter is by far the loudest among commercial growers, who recognise an opportunity to increase yields when they see one! You see, roots grow more rapidly and vigorously in this system than any other grow system we've tested. You'll also get luscious, vibrant growth in the top half of plants, too (a natural consequence of a thriving root-zone)! One thing that pictures don't quite give away, however, is the rapid rate at which plants grow in this system. The growth is so explosive that veg times are slashed by as much as a third in some cases, so you can grow lower numbers of much larger plants without having to factor in any extra time to do so. Users are reporting that the RUSH DWC System is helping them to break previous records, often by considerable distances, and that they're managing to do it running fewer plants than ever before! We're blown away by the potential of this system and we're sure that you will be too!

Whatever the size of your space we have a system suited for your needs, select your system size from the dropdown.

  • Designed, built and rigorously tested by industry-leading hydro system experts, Nut Systems
  • Utilises undercurrent technology, with up to 34 full circulations per hour!
  • Keeps nutrients evenly mixed among all plants in the system at all times
  • Super-charges nutrient solutions with incredibly high levels of oxygen
  • The most impressive root growth of any system we've tested
  • Strong, healthy roots produce bigger and better plants (with enhanced flavours and heavier yields)
  • An incredibly productive system – great for commercial growers looking to maximise yields
  • Flexible and fully modular – add and remove containers without having to drain the system
  • Requires very little growing media (only 6.5 litres of clay pebbles for each plant!)
  • Features access holes for checking inside the system (admiring your roots!)
  • No timer needed for pumps, etc – should be left running 24/7
  • Use your IWS Vegigator to prepare plants for an even quicker turnaround
  • Drastically reduces the chances of getting root rot / Pythium compared to typical DWC / bubbler buckets
  • 62mm (2 1/2") pipework reduces the likelihood of experiencing blockages
  • Adjustable float switch, so that you can raise or lower the water level in the system
  • Professional grade pumps made by Charles Austin and New Jet
  • Comes with a Flexi Tank – easy to transport and set up

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