Shogun Sumo Active Boost

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SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost

The successor to Shogun Sumo Boost, this is specially formulated for active systems. Sumo Active Boost creates serious yields while remaining stable in your hydroponic tank for up to 14 days.

Stays stable in hydroponic tanks

SHOGUN developed Sumo Boost for hand watering. And the results were incredible!

Demand grew for a hydro version since the original hand-watering feed wasn’t designed to stay in tanks for long periods. Its key ingredient (brown seaweed) works it magic when it comes to plant growth but is prone to fermenting in recirculating systems.

SHOGUN created the same yield-boosting properties in Sumo Active Boost, which is formulated with active hydroponic systems in mind. There’s still the same goodness - just a different technique.

SHOGUN uses a cold-pressing method to extract triacontanol from green seaweed. Combined, this seaweed and this method ensures a much fresher result in NFTs, bubblers, and recirculating tanks.

Expert formula

Sumo Active Boost gets its power from triacontanol, a substance found in the waxy cuticles of leaves. When applied to roots, it acts as a growth stimulant while increasing your plants' sugar, protein, and oil content.

It also contains seaweed extracted through natural and gentle methods. This helps it to retain the all-important auxins and cytokinins.

Auxins increase growth by physically elongating each cell as well as promoting cell division - so you’ll get a higher quantity of longer cells in your plant. This makes for impressive shoot growth!

Cytokinins are essential to plant regulators that control leaf formation and increase chlorophyll synthesis. As a result, they’re responsible for photosynthesis. As you’ll find in Active Boost, high levels of cytokinins will boost your leaf canopy and your yields.

How to use SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost?

SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is specially developed for hydroponic systems.

Apply throughout the flowering stage on a 9-week schedule. If necessary, growers may add extra weeks during mid-flowering (approximately weeks 4-5).

Feeding information is the same for Sumo Active Boost, no matter the substrate you’re growing in. Dilute in the following quantities and add to your watering can, reservoir, or hydroponic tank:

Weeks 1-6: 2ml of Sumo Active Boost per litre of nutrient solution;

Week 7: 1.5ml of Sumo Active Boost per litre of nutrient solution;

Week 8: 1ml of Sumo Active Boost per litre of nutrient solution;

Final Week: Water only during this stage.

SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost is primarily a root feed, but you may use it less frequently as a foliar spray for a more targeted application.

Where to use SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost?

Sumo Active Boost is designed to stay fresh in hydroponic systems that reuse water for longer than drain-to-waste methods. This means it’s a perfect match for active and recirculating systems like NFTs and drain-to-wastes.

When to use SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost?

The ingredients in SHOGUN Sumo Boost are chosen to achieve peak flowering, so it should be used throughout the blooming stage.

Why choose SHOGUN Sumo Active Boost?

  • Formulated for stability in active hydroponic systems;
  • Stimulates photosynthesis and nutrient uptake;
  • Increases essential oils of fruits and flowers;
  • Brighter, larger yields;
  • Contains auxins and cytokinins naturally extracted from seaweed;
  • Forms greater resistance against bacteria and fungi;
  • Use as a root feed or foliar spray;
  • Best for NFT and bubbler systems.

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