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Prevents nutrient deficiencies

Developed by leading biochemists, it solves any plant’s most common deficiencies. Calcium and magnesium are two secondary nutrients crucial for numerous plant development forms. 

Source of calcium

All plants need calcium for cell wall formation: they’ll grow withered and stunted if they don’t have adequate levels.  

Calcium is also responsible for regulating temperature and humidity stress. It helps the tiny stomata (pores) on leaves to open and close during gas exchange and transpiration. Low calcium levels leave the stomata unable to function properly, making the plant vulnerable to heat. 

Supplies vital magnesium

Magnesium is another secondary macronutrient that needs to be supplemented in certain conditions. Without magnesium, there would be no chlorophyll and no photosynthesis. 

Plants grown under powerful lights, like LEDs and HPS lights, must have adequate magnesium levels to support their rapid growth and large fruits and flowers. 

Invaluable in coco

Coco coir is highly aerated and is a common substrate choice for growers looking to extend their root network. It allows plenty of room for the rhizosphere to breathe and expand, increasing nutrient uptake for stronger plants. 

However, coco has a high cation exchange capacity. It prefers to bind to calcium and magnesium - so when it encounters these substances, the coco takes them for itself. It then puts potassium and sodium back into the substrate as an “exchange”. 

In short: it’s difficult for plants to access calcium and magnesium in coco, even when it’s supplied in normal amounts. As a result, a supplementary Cal-Mag is always a good idea, topping up levels to ensure your plants actually reap the benefits of these vital macronutrients. 

How to use SHOGUN Cal-Mag?

Any Cal-Mag should generally be used for preventative purposes. Therefore, it’s suitable for use throughout the vegetative and flowering stages.

Add 1-2ml per litre to your hydroponic tank, reservoir, or usual watering system. Water as necessary depending on the needs of your plants and/or growing medium. 

Stop use two weeks before the end of the plant’s life cycle. 

If you want to solve deficiencies, you can use SHOGUN Cal-Mag as a foliar spray. Dilute at a rate of 15ml per litre and spray directly onto leaves. Apply once a week until the plant no longer shows signs of deficiencies. 

The ideal pH level for the Cal-Mag foliar spray is between 5 and 7. 

When to use SHOGUN Cal-Mag?

You should always use a Cal-Mag when growing in coco. However, it can be used in any substrate should you believe calcium or magnesium levels are low. 

Signs of a calcium deficiency might include:

  • Necrosis (tissue death) on young leaves;
  • Deformed or stunted leaf tips;
  • Brown spots on older leaves. 

Signs of low magnesium might look like this:

  • Leaf chlorosis - where the leaf turns yellow, but its veins stay green;
  • A reddish or purplish tint;
  • In later stages, the leaf may develop brown spots and appear burnt. 

Why choose SHOGUN Cal-Mag?

  • Source of calcium (3.2%), nitrogen (2.6%), and magnesium (1.2%);
  • Corrects and prevents deficiencies;
  • Boosts chlorophyll production;
  • It can be used as a foliar or root spray;
  • Essential in porous substrates like coco coir.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: SHOGUN
  • Active Ingredients: Calcium (3.2%); Nitrogen (2.6%); Magnesium (1.2%); Iron (trace - 0.1%).

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