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Geisha is a foliar booster that increases flowering sites by up to 5%.

It’s also designed to dramatically increase hydration and nutrient uptake, as well as creating greater heat tolerance for a few days after spraying. Together, you’ll have greener, higher-quality, and more resilient plants. 

You can see the difference.

It’s proven to increase flowering points while staying uniform - for thick, lush, easy-to-maintain plants. 

It comes ready to use: no mixing or pH correction is required. You only need to distribute it into a bottle for foliar spraying. 

Maximises potassium efficiency

You’ll also see a surge in your plants’ water and nutrient uptake, thanks to the high content of boron and bio-activators in Geisha. Plants will appear greener and more upright, as well as forming a stronger root network below the surface. 

Boron is responsible for the enzymatic systems that allow potassium intake. Without it, you could see crucial deficiencies even if you supply enough potassium in your regular PK. 

Unique yield-boosting technology

The SHOGUN range uses a plant technology called SmartZEN Maximiser. It’s completely unique and was developed in-house by the leading biochemists at SHOGUN themselves - so there’s no replicating it elsewhere. 

SmartZEN is a yield booster whose results speak for themselves: it’s been proven to increase yields by up to 8% above standard NPK fertilisers. 

Greater heat tolerance

Geisha also provides greater heat tolerance for a few days after application. Plants will better manage the sometimes challenging bright grow lights and high humidity conditions.

When they are more heat-resistant, the tiny stomata on leaves and stems open less frequently. This means that plants will better retain water (and nutrients) on top of their added protection. 

How to use SHOGUN Geisha?

Geisha comes in a foliar form, so no dilution or mixing is necessary. 300-375ml of spray will cover an area of 1m2. 

Spray leaves until they become damp, but not so much that there is run-off. If using alongside grow lights, spray just before the lights-off period or raise and dim the lights before applying SHOGUN Geisha.

For best results, use every two weeks during vegetative growth and flowering. 

For a less intense regime, you may use it once after the 2nd week of flowering and then again at the beginning of the 5th week. 

Geisha is a powerful booster and should only be used on established plants. These plants should actively produce new growth and have a fully-formed root system. Most plants take a year or two to become fully established in their substrate. 

Why choose SHOGUN Geisha?

  • Enhances plant metabolism;
  • Creates more sites for flowering;
  • Increases nutrient and water intake;
  • Improves heat tolerance after spraying;
  • Foliar form - apply directly to leaves. 

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