Shogun PK Warrior 9/18

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SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18

Potassium and phosphorus are crucial for high yields. The precisely-calculated ratio of PK Warrior 9/18 means that it can be used for longer during the flowering period, keeping plants growing and growing until the end. 

Apply from mid-flowering to hit the peak reproductive phase! 

Unique PK ratio

It’s unusual for PK fertilisers to reach a ratio like 9/18, but scientific research at SHOGUN has proven it can give impressive results to overall plant health. The 13/14 ratio used in PK boosters may not be ideal for your garden. 

The method behind the madness is that most nutrient solutions used alongside a PK already have fairly high phosphorus content. Excessive phosphorus reduces the ability to take in micronutrients like iron and zinc, so it’s important not to exceed recommended levels.

On the other hand, potassium can be applied at a slightly higher level - and amounts like this will promote sugar production to the max. 

SHOGUN’s careful balance offers higher potassium content than many PKs on the market while offering longevity that other fertilisers of this kind can’t. 9/18 is suitable for use from mid-flowering up until the final weeks - and you’ll see improvements this whole time. 

Targets peak reproductive phase

Plants hit their peak in the middle of the blooming stage. You’ll see your fastest flower growth and have a secure idea of what yields will look like. However, growth slows down after this point. 

But why let that happen? PK Warrior 9/18 utilises these final few weeks. 

The yields will be truly impressive, with its growth period almost twice over. You should use a product that thickens the plant structure, such as SHOGUN Silicon and Cal-Mag, to compensate for the giant increase!

PK Warrior 9/18 encourages essential oil production for vibrant, sweet-smelling fruits and flowers. 

Added sulphur

Sulphur may not be part of NPK, but it’s widely considered the fourth essential nutrient. It’s naturally present in all plants and is essential for metabolic processes. 

Sulphur helps form amino acids, proteins, and some vitamins. A lack of it can severely limit nitrogen intake with disastrous consequences. If that’s not enough, it has a vital impact on the smell and taste of flowers and edible produce. 

SHOGUN knows the benefits of this nutrient and supplements sulphur at a rate of 6.8%. 

How to use SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18?

Dilute 0.5ml of solution per litre of water and apply through weeks 4-7 of flowering. 

Do not use alongside SHOGUN Dragon Force. 

Never mix undiluted nutrients; always mix thoroughly into the water before adding another. Store PK Warrior 9/18 in a cool, dry place and keep it above 7℃ to prevent crystallisation. 

Where to use SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18?

SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18 is versatile enough to use in any growing medium. Their yield-boosting properties will benefit soil, coco, and hydroponic systems. 

Why choose SHOGUN PK Warrior 9/18?

  • Calculated for optimal ratios of phosphorus and potassium;
  • Increases sugar production of fruits and flowers;
  • Increases yields;
  • Uses exclusive SmartZen technology created by SHOGUN;
  • Suitable for all growing media, including coco, soil, and hydro. 

Product Specifications: 

  • Brand: SHOGUN
  • NPK: 0 - 9 - 18
  • Other Active Ingredients: Sulphur (6.8%)
  • pH: 6.3 - 7.3 

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