Shogun Samurai Hydro Grow A&B Hard Water

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SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Grow HW (A&B)

Hydro Grow is blowing its competitors out of the water. Thanks to its secret ingredient, SmartZen, it’s proven to increase yields by up to 8%.

This 2-part nutrient is precisely designed for the vegetative stage. It supplies all the necessary NPK, speeding up photosynthesis and enhancing nutrient uptake. Hydro Grow is also made to help neutralise hard water. 

Pioneering SmartZen technology

Researchers at SHOGUN have developed an all-new ingredient, the SmartZen maximiser, which is proven to increase yields up to 8% more than standard NPK fertilisers. Hydro Grow contains this secret blend and can’t be found in any other competing product of its kind. 

SmartZen also increases heat tolerance, making bright lights less stressful to plants and increasing water retention for better hydration. 

Rapid vegetative growth

The SmartZen in this liquid nutrient includes sterols, tannins, lignans, lipids, and hydrocarbons to increase photosynthesis drastically. 

Its formula is developed from scratch by leading biochemists at SHOGUN. No copycats here - just pioneering research and results that speak for themselves. 

Made for hard water

Growing in hard water can pose extra challenges. It’s higher pH and more calcium and magnesium than soft water. It’s important to remember this if you live in a hard water area. Many nutrient solutions contain calcium and magnesium - and adding these when they’re already present may cause an excess. They can then build up and cause blockages, limiting your plants’ water supply and nutrients. 

Similarly, nutrients that slightly increase the pH of the solution will have more marked effects on hard water. 

Samurai Hydro Grow (HW) is engineered to protect plants in water and prevent a surplus of these secondary macronutrients. 

How to use SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Grow HW (A&B)?

Samurai Hydro Grow for hard water requires a lower dilution than its soft water (SW) counterpart - so be sure that the product you choose matches the conditions of your water. 

Use throughout the vegetative stage - we recommend a 4-week cycle. Dilute each solution in the following quantities:

Weeks 1-2: 1-2ml/L;

Weeks 3-4: 2-3ml/L. 

Samurai Hydro Grow is a base nutrient. You may use your usual additives (including any from the SHOGUN range) alongside it in your feeding routine. 

Where to use SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Grow HW (B)?

Use Hydro Grow in hydroponic and water-based growing methods, such as in hydroponic systems, tanks, and reservoirs. It’s a soluble liquid nutrient suitable for recirculating and drain-to-waste systems. 

If you’re growing in another substrate, try Samurai Coco Grow for coco coir or Samurai Terra Grow for soil. 

When to use SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Grow HW (B)?

Grow is engineered to produce top results during the vegetative period. Follow it with Samurai Hydro Bloom for an equally powerful flowering stage. 

Why choose SHOGUN Samurai Hydro Grow HW (A)?

  • 2-part hydroponic base nutrient;
  • Uses unique SmartZen Maximiser from SHOGUN;
  • Increases yields by up to 8%;
  • Helps to neutralise hard water;
  • For use in the vegetative stage.

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