Shogun Samurai Terra Bloom

Size: 1L


SHOGUN Samurai Terra Bloom 

SHOGUN Samurai Terra Bloom delivers fantastic results in the flowering stage. Pair with Terra Grow, its veg partner, for the ultimate soil nutrient combo. 

Like other products in the SHOGUN range, Terra Bloom uses SmartZen technology for accelerated photosynthesis, higher yields, and lower risk of heat stress. 

Increases nutrient uptake

If you’re looking for huge yields, you might have already started with Terra Grow during the vegetative stage. Next up is Terra Bloom, a solution rich in NPK and seven of the eight micronutrients.

Soil is a naturally rich, diverse substrate, and the Terra range uses this to its advantage! It’s engineered to increase nutrient uptake and transportation, supercharging your plants during flowering. 

Innovative yield booster

SHOGUN fans will be familiar with this magic mix. SmartZen Maximiser is an ingredient developed by the leading biochemists at SHOGUN and is a key part of the Samurai range.

SmartZen is proven to increase yields up to 8% more than standard NPK fertilisers, offering bigger and better results every time. It also increases the production of chlorophyll for faster photosynthesis. 

Keep your plants Zen. 

If that’s not enough, SmartZen is a stress reliever in tough times. Overheated plants treated with a product like Terra Bloom will develop greater resistance to their conditions, minimising water loss and helping to prevent burning. 

It’s also particularly useful for cuttings. This is a notoriously difficult part of young plant life, and SmartZen is paramount in avoiding “transplant shock”. 

How to use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Bloom?

Your water has a different chemical makeup depending on how hard it is. Hard water has a slightly higher pH (more alkaline) and contains more minerals such as calcium and magnesium. 

The SHOGUN team knows the importance of precise plant feeding and recommends using a slightly higher concentration for soft water. Please check to find out whether you live in a hard or soft water area.

Terra Bloom is specially formulated for use throughout the flowering. Dilute in the following quantities:


Weeks 1-3: 3-4ml/L;

Week 4: 2-3ml/L;

Weeks 5-7: 1-2ml/L;

Week 8: Do not use Terra Bloom during this week. 

Final Week: Water only during this week. 


Weeks 1-3: 4ml/L;

Week 4: 3-4ml/L;

Weeks 5-7: 2-3ml/L;

Week 8: Do not use Terra Bloom during this week.

Final Week: Water only during this week. 

Terra Bloom is a base nutrient safe for use alongside your normal additives. Why not try using Shogun PK Warrior alongside it during flowering? 

Use Shogun Dragon Force in week eight without using Terra Bloom for a dramatic finish.

Do not mix undiluted nutrients! Always add one at a time and mix thoroughly until fully dissolved. Then it’s safe to add another. 

Keep Terra Bloom in a cool, dry place above 7℃; temperatures below this may cause the solution to crystallise. 

Where to use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Bloom?

SHOGUN Terra Bloom contains the NPK ratios suitable for soil growing. Soil contains more nutrients than coco or plain water and a diverse range of naturally-occurring micro life. 

Terra Bloom compensates for this, producing a perfectly balanced mix of NPK and the seven micronutrients: sulphur; magnesium; iron; manganese; boron; zinc; copper; and molybdenum. 

When to use SHOGUN Samurai Terra Bloom?

Use Terra Bloom in the flowering stage. You’ll want your dosage to be highest in the first few weeks to prepare for mid-flowering when blooming peaks. 

Then, you’ll see the dosage slightly decrease towards the end of a plant’s life. Growth naturally starts to decrease at this point, and it’s important not to overload your plants. 

Once you’ve finished with Terra Bloom, you can use a product like Shogun Dragon Force, designed to help increase yields until the end. 

Why choose SHOGUN Samurai Terra Bloom?

  • 1-part NPK and micronutrient solution;
  • Part of the SHOGUN Samurai range;
  • Perfect for soil-grown plants;
  • Boosts yields by up to 8% more than competitors;
  • SmartZen technology formulated by leading scientists;
  • Use alongside SHOGUN Samurai Terra Grow for top results. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: SHOGUN
  • NPK: 5.01 - 2.02 - 6.03
  • Other Active Ingredients: Sulphur (0.9%); Magnesium (0.79%); Iron (0.088%); Manganese (0.04%); Boron (0.08%); Zinc (0.06%); Copper (0.03%); Molybdenum (0.02%). 
  • pH: 2.8 - 3.5

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