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SHOGUN Silicon 

Silicon naturally fortifies the structure of plants, toughening cell walls and making it harder for threats to enter.

Plants can support heavier yields with thicker stems, tougher leaves, and a more robust defence system - so it’s great to use alongside bloom boosters. 

Cement-strong structure 

Once it’s absorbed by plants, silicon works its way into and in between cells. It acts as a “cement, " filling the microscopic gaps for a sturdier cellular structure. 

Silicon is naturally abundant in soil, but it needs to be supplemented in other substrates such as hydro and coco coir. 

This is where SHOGUN Silicon steps in - it’s a highly refined potassium silicate substance that helps fortify stems, leaves, and branches and increases resistance. 

Powerful plant armour

Stronger plants are always a benefit, but it’s easy not to realise the true impact that solutions like silicon can bring. 

Stronger plants will support higher yields, meaning they won’t bend or wilt under their weight. Failing to prepare your plants for huge fruits, vegetables, and flowers can damage plant structure and make it hard to grow these same yields in future seasons. 

In the same way, they’ll also stay stronger against the wind - whether it’s an outdoor breeze or a fan in your grow room. 

Pest and disease resistance

Another all-encompassing benefit is the increased resistance to pests and disease. Plants treated with SHOGUN Silicon will have tougher cell walls and be harder for insects and bacteria to penetrate. 

You’ll see fewer infestations: silicon prevents bugs from getting in and can direct extra resources to the area if it senses an attack. 

Plants are also less susceptible to mould, mildew, and algae commonly occurring in hydroponic systems. 

How to use SHOGUN Silicon?

Potassium silicate is notoriously difficult to work with; when poorly mixed, it can clump together and form gooey deposits in your hydroponic tank. 

However, don’t let this put you off! The benefits absolutely outweigh the work, and the team at SHOGUN have worked hard to produce the silkiest solution. 


Fill your tank approximately 75% with no nutrients. Pre-dilute the nutrients you will need, but wait to add them after SHOGUN Silicon. 

Pre-dilute your SHOGUN Silicon at a rate of 1ml/L. Add it to your tank and mix thoroughly. After this, reduce your pH to just below 7 (neutral). 

Slowly add your base nutrients only when silicon is fully mixed and your pH is at the required level. Mix continuously while you add your base nutrients. 


Follow the same procedure as hydro, adding 1ml/L Silicon first, mixing thoroughly before adding your pre-diluted nutrients, and stirring continuously. 

You may then use this mix like any other nutrient solution in coco. 


You may also use SHOGUN Silicon as a foliar spray. Dilute at a rate of 5ml/L and ensure the pH is between 5 and 7. Anything outside this range can harm your plants.

Feed little and often for best results in all substrates and growing methods. It’s suitable for use at any time throughout the vegetative and flowering stages. However, we recommend small, regular applications. 

NOTE FOR DISPOSAL: The UK Control of Pollution regulations considers potassium silicate as special waste. You must not dispose of it down the drain or at a landfill. 

Disposal must be carried out by a registered waste management company - consult your local waste authority for advice. 

Where to use SHOGUN Silicon?

You’ll experience the best results in hydro and coco since they naturally lack silicon. 

It’s possible to use SHOGUN Silicon if you’re growing in soil: it may be useful if your soil is particularly susceptible to rot. However, you should only dilute and apply in a foliar spray form as the soil is already naturally high in silicon. 

Why choose SHOGUN Silicon?

  • Strengthens plants on a cellular level;
  • Builds resistance to pests and diseases;
  • Helps to buffer pH;
  • Reduces water loss through leaves;
  • Acts as a natural “cement” for tough structures. 

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: SHOGUN
  • Active Ingredient: Potassium Silicate
  • pH: 10 - 11.5 

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