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A bit about the Autopot AQUA valve Silicon's

The Autopot AQUA valve is at the heart of many of the Autopot watering systems. It is a simple but effective design that allows each plant to take what it needs from the system. As the water comes from the tank, the Autopot AQUAvalve floats up and closes off the opening. This bathes the bottom of the pot and through capillary action, the water soaks upwards into the media. As the plant uses it, the float lowers and reopens that inlet pipe so more can flow in. As with anything, the parts are subject to wear and tear. The Autopot AQUA valve Silicon's are direct replacements for original ones that no longer work as they should.

A bit about Autopot Systems

One of the best things about Autopot systems is how easy it is to extend them and change parts. This is great news because sometimes kits tend to be set by their own design and unchangeable. This ability to change everything means the system should last and last. Even tiny things like Aqua Valve collars and silicon parts are switchable to cover every eventuality.

The Autopot system is a globally successful product in use privately and commercially. They use no electric parts at all, relying simply on natural forces such as gravity and capillary action, depending on the product. As the Autopot uses gravity, the system can be set out in any shape you like. If you have a very long, narrow space, you can arrange the pots all in a line without problem. Most growers tend to place them in square or rectangular way to suit tent sizes.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we can order a large number of Autopot products upon request. As you may have seen from the “Extensions, Accessories & Parts” section, there is a big selection to choose from. 

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