Solar-Tech 720w LED (Enhanced 680 Red Spectrum)

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Option: Solar-Tech 720w LED With Dimmable Ballast
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Solar-Tech 720w LED Fixture

Solar-Tech 720w LED Fixture Enhanced 680 red spectrum (Inc variable 600w Ballast) KIT

Solar-Tech 720 by ControlLED is the latest addition to the ControlLED family. It is designed as always, with control combined with high performance. Solar-Tech 720 is optimised for plant growth and controllability, offering top-notch features at a price that won't break the bank!

There are two versions of this system. The standard kit comes with a 600w digital dimmable power pack, which allows the user to dim the LED directly. The Pro version has a "Controller Ready" power pack with an RJ port. To set up, daisy-chain the fixtures together and control up to 150 units via our Solar-Tech Controller, or even better, from your fingertips using the Solar Tech Application on a smartphone.

ControlLED never compromises on quality; with Solar-Tech, there is no difference. The added near red, Samsung, and Osram chipsets onboard ensure maximum control and high performance. Solar-Tech has you covered with the new touch screen or app-optional controller.

Designed with your convenience in mind, the Solar-Tech fixtures come preassembled. Built with a lightweight, robust aluminium frame with four stainless steel anchor points, the fixture is easy to set up. Just unfold, set the power pack in place, and you're ready to start growing.


  • 2.75 micromoles
  • 1944 PPF
  • Samsung & Osram chipset onboard
  • Connect up to 150 x fixtures and control them via a lighting & environment controller.
  • High-quality spectrum for vegetative and flowering growth
  • Foldable to fit through tight spaces
  • Preassembled for easy installation
  • Powered by 600w dimmable power pack (sold separately)
  • Osram & Samsung chipsets
  • ROHS certified
  • CE certified
  • EMC certified
  • Can Be Used With ControlLED Lighting & Environment Controller Or most 0-10V lighting controllers
  • Suitable For 1.5m x 1.5m Growing Area
  • No Cooling Fans, Efficient Heat Dispersal
  • At Least 50,000 Hour LED Lifespan
  • Three-year warranty

Solar-Tech Controller

The Solar-Tech lighting & environment controller is our alternative to the ControlLED Controller.

Designed for use with the Solar-Tech Pro lighting system (but can be used with any 0-10v LED fixture), this controller has all the main features of other lighting controllers, with the added benefits of a touch screen, environmental control, and a smartphone application.

This compact and user-friendly controller easily connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. It controls hardware in two rooms displayed as zones A and B, allowing the grower to flip-flop their rooms. As long as the parameters are set the same in both zones, the controller controls the hardware as if the user is growing in one large room, making it a seamless and intuitive experience.

Solar-Tech controller

The Solar-Tech controller can monitor and control humidity and temperature. However, for this to work, the user must purchase two relay boxes sold separately. When installed, this easy-to-use environmental controller will look after your entire grow room area.


  • Touch Screen Control
  • Smartphone Application
  • auto dim settings
  • Room A/B Functionality
  • Connect up to 150x fixtures over two rooms
  • Optional Temperature and Humidity Control (requires external relay unit, sold separately
  • Sunrise/Sunset
  • Real-time environment monitoring (Temperature & Humidity)
  • Supplied with all necessary cables
  • Can Be Used With most 0-10V LED fixtures using RJ cables
  • auto dim settings
  • ROHS certified
  • CE certified
  • EMC certified

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