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Natural Silicate powder

Silicate is an essential element for higher plants, especially when growing with water as a substrate. New pH neutral Silicate contains ancient deposits of biologically transformed organic matter, plus naturally formed silicic acid clay.

Silicate provides a naturally soluble form of silicon which enters plant cells and builds a hardened shield against disease and insect attack.

Silicate’s natural colloids improve cation exchange capacity to nutrient solutions improving nutrient availability to your plants.

Silicate stabilises nutrient solution pH and conductivity which reduces stress for rapidly growing plants.

Silicate also protects against toxicity from metals.

Last but not least, Silicate contains more than 60 minerals, which add more nutritive elements for plants to thrive on.

Our new Silicate comes from ancient deposits and is very similar to the old one, however, it has a few advantages:
  • It is richer in silicate
  • Its particles size is smaller, for a better solubility of the silicate
  • It incorporates more carbonates for a better pH stability.
  • It offers calcium to the plant.
How to use:
  • At the base of each plant : sprinkle 1 teaspoon (about 4g).
  • In nutrient solution : 4g/10L
  • Powder directly on the leaves: 10 g to 50g/m2 or by foliar spraying of a solution of 4g for 10L of water.


Silicate works in synergy with all our products. However alongside beneficial micro-organisms (Trikologic, Trikologic S) use only in foliar application, or localized at the level of the collar (dry application), not to slow down the installation of beneficial populations of microorganisms in the substrate.

Conversely in open soil growing, Silicate’s composition stimulates the growth of helpful microorganisms and helps create a beneficial natural environment for extremely healthy plants.

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