Amtra Technik Kilma Shatterproof Heater

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AMTRA KLIMA EVO is an automatic, fully submersible aquarium heater. The temperature setting is easy and precise. The thermostat is very sensitive and extremely reliable in keeping the set temperature constant. 

Extremely precise automatic heater for aquariums (+ -0.5 ° C) with the possibility of re-calibration of the internal thermostat. Adjustable temperature range 18-34 ° C. Anti-shock quartz tube. Heating element in Nickel-Chrome. Internal gold contacts. Including two hooks with suction cup for fixing on the glass and protective rubber cap for the quartz tube end.

Suitable for use in both fresh water and sea water aquariums.

Available in: 50w, 100w, 200w, 300w

50 Watt AMTRA KLIMA EVO 50W for aquariums from 25 to 50 litres // ITEM CODE: A6076821

100 Watt AMTRA KLIMA EVO 100Wfor aquariums from 80 to 100 litres // ITEM CODE: A6076823

200 Watt AMTRA KLIMA EVO 200W for aquariums from 150 to 200 litres // ITEM CODE: A6076825

300 Watt AMTRA KLIMA EVO 300W for aquariums from 200 to 300 litres // ITEM CODE: A6076826

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