X-Stream Propagator Electronic Thermostat



Designed to give you accurate and cost effective temperature control, propagator thermostats can give you effective management of your indoor growing temperatures.
This thermostat can be joined to your propagator or a heating element (for example, a soil warming cable) and allow you to set the appropriate temperature for what you are growing. The propagator is turned on by the thermostat until the correct temperature is reached. At this point the thermostat turns off the heat, turning it back on when the temperature drops below the level needed.
It means that your seedlings will never be overheated and you keep down your energy costs because heat is not provided unless required. This digital thermostat is perfect for heater cables or heat mats up to 500w.
  • Accurate and cost effective temperature control
  • Effective management of your indoor growing temperatures
  • Keep down your energy bills
  • Gives you precise and economical temperature control.
  • Easily fitted to most propagators and heating elements.
  • Accurate within 1 degree centigrade and can be adjusted between 5 and 30 degrees centigrade.


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