Timer Box 28 Way

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The Timer Box 28 Way allows you to control multiple lights at once, safely and reliably automatically switching light ballasts, lamps and fans on and off according to a schedule best for your plants or appliances. Each of the contactor’s sockets are individually switchable, so not all grow lights need to run all the time. Perfect for commercial size gardens (commercial units must be hardwired by a qualified electrician).

  • Made from high grade components, including steel
  • Galvanised wall-mountable back plate the width of the entire unit
  • Thick rubberised cable with no risk of light degradation
  • Built-in timers
  • Avoids big power surges as heavy duty contactors send power to the ballasts bank-by-bank
  • Protected in the event of short power failures through circuit breakers time delays
  • Battery reserve on a timer

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