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Trim Daddy Solo Hand Trimmer (Wet & Dry)

Process crops with precision and speed with the brand new Bonsai Solo Hand Trimmer!

What sets the Trim Daddy Solo Hand Trimmer Apart From Its Competitors?
1. Industry's first 5 blade scissor tech
2. Patent pending brush less motor
3. 2 speeds - allowing for greater precision
4. Ergonomic & comfortable design
5. Trim a unit in an average of 2 hours (4x faster)
6. Saves money and improves yield size
7. One year warranty

Superior Brush less Motor
Specifically engineered for trimming and the most expensive to build

Over 10,000 Hours of use
No more overheating thanks to our innovative engineering and unique process of manufacturing, you can now trim for hours to end without getting tired or wearing out your trimmer

Designed for efficiency
A computer motherboard controls the motor instead of mechanical brushes, giving the motor only as much power as it needs for each task. When your trim-daddy is trimming leaves, it senses the lack of resistance and begins to pull only what little charge it needs.

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