Trolmaster WCS-2 AquaX 3in1 Water Content Sensor

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This sensor is designed to measure the water content, temperature, and the EC of the growing media in the Aqua-X, Aqua-x Pro, and Hydro-X Pro Control Systems.

Each sensor includes a five-prong sensor assembly connected to an LCD communication module (Display Screen & Button).

The five-prong sensor is inserted into the growing media such as soil or rock wool to be measured. It can be connected to multiple Water Content Sensors (up to 50 WCS-2 on the NFS-2 and HCS-2 controllers, eight on the NFS-1 controller). The NFS-2 screen will display the value of each sensor's three parameters (grow medium temperature, moisture level, and EC).

In the free app, you can see the water content %, temperature, and EC of the growing media on your Smartphone.

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