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Part: Bare Pot
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Bare Pot

Just the bare green man pot with no fittings included. 

Inner Pot

The white inner tray for the green man system

Pipe Kit

This pipe kit is for the green man system, it includes the dripper ring and pipe.  Plus a grommet and 19mm elbow to use the level pipe on the side of the unit.  

One Pot Kit (no air pump)

Can be used to expand a current system or used as a stand alone pot.  Air pump not included. 

Brain Controller

The brains of the operation, used to control the timing of the water cycles for the green man system. 

19mm Pot Grommet

For use in the 19mm Green Man System. The 19mm Pot Grommet fixes into the green pot in the larger hole towards the pot's base; this allows you to use a variety of 19mm pipe connectors to build your Green Man System.

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