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Nurture Growth

A caregiving formula
Concentrated nutrients, ascophilium extract, amino acids, alginates, sugars, phyto-allexins & natural brassinosteroids.

Motherkare is designed for use by plant propagators. It will create a strong and resilient plant from which cuttings/clones can be safely taken.
A safe, natural material that's based on plant extracts without artificial PGRs (should be acceptable for Organic certification).
Recovery time is rapid thanks to the plant steroids it contains that accelerate healing.
Other plant-extract components will enhance branching and re-growth.


  1. A product to maintain growth and health in the plant you use for cuttings
  2. MotherKare will improve side shoot development
  3. MotherKare can be used with other Evoponic Nutrient products
  4. It will improve and enhance recovery time following the taking of cuttings
  5. MotherKare can be successfully used in either hydroponic or soil/compost based growing systems
  6. Use with the rest of the EvoPonic range to maximise yield and health over the shortest of growing periods.

Do NOT use MotherKare in conjunction with Elixir Steroids or Damage to plants may occur.


Soil/Coco/Hydro: 1ml/L

Can be used at any time during the life of the plant.

Available in: 250ml, 1L

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