Plagron Silic Rock

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Plagron Silic Rock 

Want to increase plant strength? Plagron Silic Rock is a solid choice. This silicon dioxide formula strengthens cell walls for tougher, thicker, and better-protected plants. 

Rock-solid structure

Silicon might not be your first thought when it comes to plant health. 

However, it’s really important - it works behind the scenes to improve the structure of plants and toughen leaves and stems cell by cell. 

This is especially important if you want to increase your yields - huge flowers on weak stems could seriously damage your plant. 

Plagron Silic Rock is a silicon dioxide supplement that works alongside your usual feeding routine. You’ll notice thicker stems, more resilient leaves, and greater resistance to diseases and pests. They’ll also be more resilient against winds, fans, and adverse weather conditions. 

Increases pest and disease resistance

Think of silicon as a plant glue. It fills the tiny gaps usually used to let insects and pathogens in. 

With the added protection of Plagron Silic Rock, your plants will be less susceptible to pests. They’ll be healthier overall and on top form for seasons to come. 

How to use Plagron Silic Rock?

Shake the solution well before use.

Add 1ml of Silic Rock per litre of water. Use throughout the growing cycle every time you irrigate your plants. 

Plagron Silic Rock is not suitable for hydroponic growing systems. If you use an irrigation system, flush the pipes after use. 

Where to use Plagron Silic Rock?

Plagron Silic Rock is suitable for soil and coco application. However, it should not be used in hydroponic systems.

Why choose Plagron Silic Rock?

  • Silicon dioxide supplement for plants;
  • Toughens cell wall structure;
  • Allows plants to support larger yields;
  • Makes plants more resistant to wind and fans;
  • Protects plants from pests and disease;
  • Suitable for coco and soil growing. 

Product Specifications:

  • NPK: 1.5 - 0 - 1.7
  • Other Active Ingredients: SiO2 (silicon dioxide) (1%). 


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