Athena VP Dome - Shell Only

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The Athena VPDome is the most efficient way to clone. The easy-to-install fabric rack cover holds up to 16 standard clone trays without the need for individual domes.

  • The simple operation streamlines nursery workflow (2-4 hours of monthly labour savings per rack).
  • Uniform and consistent VPD reduces mortality and speeds rooting.
  • Durable construction reduces costly plastic dome replacements.
  • The anti-microbial coating reduces disease vectors.
  • Heavy-Duty Transparent Doors 
  • Velcro Straps 
  • Sensor Holders 
  • Cord Insert Slots 
  • Magnetic Seals 
  • Foldable Doors 
  • Self Fastening Straps 
Instructions for Use:

The VPDome fits perfectly over standard wire racks (48" W x 72" H x 18" D) (122cm W x 183cm H x 46cm D)

  1. Install bottom rack cover
  2. Place cover over top of rack
  3. Close the door with magnetic seals


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