Biobizz Acti-Vera Botanic Activator 1L

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What is Acti·Vera?

Acti·Vera has been designed to increase metabolism, enhance nutrient absorption and protect the immune system in all sorts of plants.

After researching and trying out a combination of ingredients to add to aloe vera extract, Biobizz settled on the final product: Acti·Vera.

The most important difference between the other Biobizz products is that this new product, Acti-Vera comes out of a plant for a plant.

How to use 

Acti-Vera is versatile and can be used indoors and out on food crops, perennials, plantations, and ornamental plants during the flowering and vegetative to stimulate blooming and growing. It is recommended that a dose of 5ml of Acti·Vera per 1 litre of water; can be used in a watering can or in a foliar spray.

Why Acti·Vera™?

Acti·Vera makes plants healthier and stronger, both inside and out. It activates and protects the immune system and plant metabolism and increases germination – breaking down the sugars and enhancing the absorption of nutrients. It is also 100% vegan.

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