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CANNA RHIZOTONIC is the world's best-selling root stimulator and has a new outlook on life. Introduced to the green market decades ago, this revolutionary product remains unmatched in performance and quality. It quietly strengthens plants' resistance to sickness and boosts plant root growth.

After five years of testing and trials, the new formula is more effective than ever. The new RHIZOTONIC has all the same benefits you know and love but with improved performance, lower pH, and an extended two-year shelf life.

Improved Performance

In the new formula, CANNA increased the concentration of marine algae by varying the production process. This amplifies the organic substances, supercharging the production of root growth and growth hormones. CANNA have always recommended on the label to shake well before using.

Lower pH

The new RHIZOTONIC has a lower plant-friendly pH of 4.7, significantly improving from the old formula's pH of 12.5. This lower pH delivers better results for your plants and eliminates the need for pH adjustment in the nutrient tank, thereby extending the product's shelf life. It's a win-win situation for both your plants and your storage space.

Darker Colour & Sweeter Smell 

The new and improved RHIZOTONIC smells sweeter than the old one and appears darker in colour. It is chemistry at work. The old formula's characteristic fishy smell is due to the high pH, which emits more sulphur compounds. The new lower pH better preserves the marine algae, producing a sweeter aroma and fewer sulphur compounds.

Longer Shelf Life

The old RHIZOTONIC had a shelf life of one year; however, the new and improved RHIZOTONIC has a guaranteed shelf life of two years. It has a longer shelf life due to the new lower pH. How it is stored will always affect the outcome; therefore, RHIZOTONIC needs to be kept dark and stored between 9°C and 21°C to optimise its longevity.

Is it easy to spot the difference?

The new version of any Rhizotonic has a best-before date of 2024 stamped on the bottle. It will also have a sweeter odour and slightly darker colour.


The dilution remains the same at 4 ml/ litre to make it as easy grower; there is no need to adjust your existing habits. Refer to the CANNA grow guides for the recommended usage during the crop's entire cycle.

Available in: 250ml, 1L, 5L, 10L

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