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PRO7 COCO is produced by Jiffy, a world-renowned brand, constantly supplying high-quality premium substrates for beginners and expert gardeners for over 60 years.

Its coco plantations and processing facilities based in Sri Lanka are world-leading & ISO 22000 – certified, thus guaranteeing salt-free and low EC levels in all products. Producing constant homogeneity throughout the product range, all to the high RHP quality standard, product after product.

Premium Coco from a guaranteed reliable and consistent source, with Active Trichoderma.

PRO7 COCO is one of the most stable coco substrates today. 100% pith manufactured from the mature coconut husk and never compressed to retain its structure. Mature coconuts mean the pith will decay slower, thus giving a more stable media over the growing cycle.

RHP certified. Washed and buffered with calcium and magnesium to RHP standards - extracting unwanted elements such as potassium, sodium and chlorides. Providing a clean substrate with a stable pH value, perfect for growers who want ultimate control over their fast-growing plant's fertigation.

PRO7 COCO has excellent water retention and airing properties, well suited for growing short-cycle and fast-growing plants in pots. Develops vigorous root systems and strong growth.

PRO7 COCO produces high yields with all nutrients on the market; however, some of the highest yields in our trials have been achieved in combination with VitaLink Coco Coir A&B with the addition of the additives VitaLink CalMag and VitaLink Turbo+.

Benefits of PRO7 COCO:

• Completely buffered substrate with stable pH.

• Guaranteed low EC value.

• Airy structure.

• Optimal root development.

• Peat Free.

• Premium Quality RHP washed and buffered coco.

• Low watering frequency needed.

• Active Trichoderma

How to use:

Firstly, we recommend having the optimum start by propagating your seedlings/cuttings in Jiffy 7C plugs or ROOT!T, fed with VitaLink PlantStart, which supplies the perfect ratio of boron to calcium, proven to promote rapid root development and vigorous early growth. Then, transplant into PRO7 COCO and feed from day one with a high-quality professional plant feed, such as VitaLink Coco Coir Grow for your vegetative phase and VitaLink Coco Coir Bloom in the flowering phase.

Media bags are transported on pallets and can become compacted during storage. Before transferring your substrate into pots, we suggest you 'fluff up' your medium to break up any compressed lumps. An easy way to do this is to tap the side of the bag like you would fluff up a pillow. Pour into your pots and run your fingers through the substrate, checking for any lumps still in it and breaking them up. 

Settle the mix by tapping the edges and base of the pot and plant up.

Ensure the entire medium is completely soaked before planting to ensure your plants get enough to feed on.

To pre-soak PRO7 COCO substrates, apply a 3/4 to full-strength feed until runoff appears. After watering, runoff is the feed that gathers underneath pots in your saucer or tray.

Hand watering: We recommend using VitaLink Coco Coir nutrients and following the feed schedule. PRO7 COCO prevents over-watering due to its structure, but attention must be paid to avoid nutrient reabsorption from pots/containers in any runoff.

Dripper systems: PRO7 COCO is best fed little and often. A dripper system is perfect for this. Please note that the particles in COCO can easily block dripper lines, so we recommend fitting a filter and checking it regularly if using a re-circulating system.

Always check the water quality in your area and ensure you are using the correct variant – either hard water or soft water. We recommend a half-strength CalMag supplement such as Vitalink CalMag (0.5ml/L) during the growth stage in very soft water areas or at the onset of any calcium deficiency.

Media: 100% Premium Coco Pith mixed fibres

Compressed: No, ready to use out of the bag

RHP: Yes

Buffered: Yes

Pre-fertilised: No

Volume: 50L (13.2 gal)

Ph: 5.9 (1:1,5)

EC: 0.2 (mS/cm 1:1,5)

Bag weight: 18kg approx


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